Anova Transitions Operations to Increase Telephone Support During Social Distancing

Anova Transitions Operations to Increase Telephone Support During Social Distancing

LONDON, ON, March 16, 2020 — Today, under an abundance of caution, Anova has moved to a new approach to its operations due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. Reducing the spread of COVID-19 is a priority in our community and Anova is committed to this effort while continuing to provide support for abused women, their children and survivors of sexual violence.

This means that our Crisis and Support Line remains open and continues to be monitored 24/7. Additional steps to protect clients, staff and volunteers include:

  • Temporarily suspending volunteer time at all sites
  • Outreach programs, including Sexual Assault Counselling and the Family Court Support Program, will be delivered via telephone
  • Closing Mine101, our social enterprise, effective today.
  • Providing walk-in support to clients only by telephone or through our intercom. We will no longer be allowing non-essential visitors or clients to attend our sites who are not already residing at our Clarke Road or Wellington Road locations, on site.

“It’s vitally important that women who need support know they can continue to rely on Anova, especially in a time of uncertainty. We know that violence can increase with isolation and we’re doing everything we can to be sure we are supporting women and their children,“ explains Jessie Rodger, Executive Director. She goes on to say, “We don’t take any decision to alter access to service lightly — connecting clients to much-needed service and support continues to be critical to the safety of our community.”

Prior to today, the following steps were put in place, all in service of protecting clients, staff and volunteers:

  • Increased cleaning and infection control measures throughout our sites
  • Additional screening for client intake, current clients and service providers
  • Social distancing practices in place for staff and clients
  • Suspended community groups
  • Closed donations of food, clothing, etc. Financial donations can be made online: .

Nothing has changed about the core purpose that we rally around every day: to support women and children who are victims of violence and to work towards a world where everyone can live without fear of violence. This is as important as ever during times when movement is restricted and previously safe spaces are no longer available for women and their children.

If you need to connect with our staff about ongoing support options, please call the office at 519-642-3003.

If you’re a current counselling client with an appointment scheduled this week, your counsellor will contact you with any changes.

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