Gala Committee 2024



Here are a few examples of wording for reaching out to potential donors.  Please feel free to cut/paste the wording into your own personal emails.

If you need printed paper copies of letters, please let me know OR if there’s an extra special donor with an extra special donation you feel should get a personalized branded letter, just ask.

2024 Letter for Donors – Word doc  Giving Gala 2024 Letter for Donors
2024 Letter for Donors – PDF doc Giving Gala 2024 Letter for Donors
2024 Letter for Past Donors – Word (customizable) Giving Gala 2024 Letter for Past Donors


Here is our ongoing list of past donors and who-is-contacting-who.  If you want to contact anyone on the list, let me know and I’ll put your name next to it so we don’t double up.  Please also let me know of any new contacts you are reaching out to.   I will update this list every dayDonations at April 9

Feel free to connect with me anytime at  or  text me at 519-697-6975


Regardless of how the donation is coming to us (an actual item/emailed gift certificate, etc.) PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR EVERY DONATION as soon as it is confirmed.  This is how I keep track of what we have, what needs to be picked up, etc.

Donation Submission