“I was really skeptical of this group and didn’t want to be on camera at first, but I’m really glad I came” – Man|Made participant

Man|Made is a four-week psychoeducational group for postsecondary men that provides facilitated conversation and peer modelling around healthy masculinity and sexuality. Man|Made is designed for both male peer leaders seeking to contribute to creating a world without violence, and for young men who have committed sexual violence (and perhaps have been mandated to attend by their post-secondary institution). The program views these young men, not as perpetrators but as agents of social change.

“I thought this group was going to be kind of shame-y, but it wasn’t like that at all” – Man|Made participant

“I really appreciated the patience and being given the time to unpack everything and have real discussions about these issues” – Man|Made participant

Man|Made was created in 2015 to provide programming to men at local postsecondary institutions who had committed sexual violence. The program has since grown to support both mandated men and male student leaders at postsecondary campuses locally and across the country.

Anova provides facilitated dialogue and reflective activities, fostering a space of peer connection, a modelling of healthy masculinity and a challenge to step into accountability.

“I never used to think of myself as one of those guys, but I’ve realized that I actually have perpetrated sexual violence…and that feels like a really heavy thing to say”  – Man|Made participant


Man|Made Program
Man|Made is divided into four modules. Each module includes the evidence-base for the particular module issue, lays out the learning outcomes and approaches, and provides the pedagogical prompts and PowerPoints/handouts. A pre and post program evaluation is also included.

Module One: Masculinity
Learning Outcomes:
• Understand toxic masculinity (linked to intent vs impact of harm)
• Understand the difference between coercion vs convincing
• Express vulnerability as an alternative to toxic masculinity

Module Two: Consent
Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the legal definition of consent and sexual violence
• Recognize the difference between intent to harm and impact of harm
• Develop practical skills for negotiating consent

Module Three: Porn
Learning Outcomes:
• Develop tools for healthy expression of male sexuality
• Recognize the difference in mainstream and alternative forms of pornography
• Challenge “no homo” rhetoric
• Create new norm around healthy men’s sexuality

Module Four: Accountability
Learning Outcomes:
• Understand and recognize ways to effectively use bystander intervention techniques (direct, distract, delegate)
• Recognize the shift from “I don’t want to cause harm or sexual violence problems” to “I can be part of the solution to end sexual violence”
• Explore what accountability entails and what makes for a good apology


Facilitators Training
Anova provides a Man|Made Facilitators Training that ensures facilitators understand: the values informing the program, the pedagogical approach, the anticipated successes and limitations of the program in terms of fostering behavioural change, and how to facilitate content that provokes discomfort and pushback.

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