Youth Groups

Our two psycho-educational groups are geared towards youth ages 15-30 and are delivered in collaboration with community partners. For more information on both of these groups, or if you are interested in delivering this programming, email

Girls Creating Change

Girls Creating Change is a weekly discussion group that provides a safe space for young women to engage in meaningful dialogue about important topics that impact their everyday lives. The goal of the program is to empower young women with the information, knowledge and skills they need in order to build healthy relationships and a strong sense of self.

Montage of photos from the Girls Creating Change AGM

Outcomes of Girls Creating Change include the following:

  • A greater understanding of consent and healthy relationships
  • Creation of a sense of community and solidarity with other young women
  • Modelling of healthy and confident female power


Man|Made is psycho-educational weekly discussion group for young men that provides facilitated conversation and peer modelling around healthy masculinity and sexuality. By linking the individual actions of men to the larger social impact of gender-based violence, Man|Made views young men who have committed violence as more than perpetrators but as agents of social change. Anova’s mission of a world without violence will never be achieved if we do not bring young men in to be a part of the solution, and Man|Made provides that exciting opportunity.

Group of men who are part of the Man|Made discussion group

In consultation with local clinical practitioners who engage men who have perpetrated sexual violence or domestic violence, Man|Made has been very intentionally positioned as a psycho-educational group that pursues the following outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of consent & coercion
  • Awareness of how gender roles affect ‘intent vs impact’
  • Exploration of male vulnerability and emotional awareness
  • Modelling of a healthy male sexuality

Young Men Leading Change

Young Men Leading Change (YMLC) is a 12 week youth leadership program that connects racialized and newcomer men (ages 15-25) with community leaders working to prevent gender-based violence (GBV). Led by Youth Facilitators and Adult Allies, young men explore positive masculinity, how to support friends who experience GBV, learn from women working to end GBV, discuss the role of consent in healthy relationships and how to safely intervene in common situations of GBV.

Young Men Leading Change is a 3 year project based in the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women coordinating YMLC projects in Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Peterborough and London. Anova and the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration are the project leads in London.

Group of young men outside building on stairs

For more information on Young Men Leading Change, email