Kids & Consent

A Caregiver’s Guide to Teaching the ABCs of Consent:

A Resource for Parents, Guardians and Professionals


Teaching consent to kids can feel uncomfortable because adults often associate consent with sex. But consent in the early years isn’t about sex – it’s about tuning into children’s verbal and nonverbal communication, and teaching them that their voice matters. The building blocks of anatomy, boundaries and communication, form the foundation upon which sexual consent can later be learned.

By understanding their anatomy, kids can learn to protect their body and seek help when something is wrong.

By having their own boundaries affirmed, kids learn to respect the boundaries of others.

By seeing their communication cues recognized and respected, kids learn to recognize and respect the communication of others.

A Caregiver’s Guide to Teaching the ABCs of Consent provides caregivers with the tools necessary to teach, model, and support kids as they come to know themselves and live in harmony with others from infancy through childhood.

Download the guide here: A Caregiver’s Guide to Teaching the ABCs of Consent


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