Mothers and Children Living Peaceful Lives

Part of the Community Group Program for Children Exposed to Woman Abuse.

Groups for children ages 5 to 12 and their caregivers.

Weekly sessions offer children topics such as feelings awareness, an opportunity to explore feelings, understand the importance of establishing safe boundaries and share worries and ideas that have emerged as a result of their experiences living in a home where violence has occurred. Trained facilitators will use art, games and activities to create an environment for children to explore and examine their experiences in a safe, secure way. Mothers/caregivers can participate in groups during the same time period that their children participate in a group. These sessions offer a safe and supportive environment with trained facilitators to explore how to support children’s healing with a focus on understanding the impact of the abuse on children.

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Sexual Assault Support Groups

We offer groups to support women at various points on their journey as they heal from experiences of sexual violence. We employ a trauma-informed approach that is grounded in the Relational Healing Model. Groups provide opportunities for stabilization, psycho-education, psychotherapy and social interactions for women who have experienced sexual violence at various times in their lives.

Women who have completed an Intake can speak with their counsellor about an appropriate referral to group services.