If you require emergency assistance call 911 or the London City Police 519-661-5670
If you are abused, we can help.
Call the 24-Hour Crisis & Support Line

519-642-3000 or 1-800-265-1576


All sites and services can be accessed by calling the business line:

Two 24-Hour Emergency Shelters:
101 Wellington Road, London, Ontario
450 Clarke Road, London, Ontario
Second Stage Housing:

1416 Ernest Avenue, London, Ontario
Counselling Services & Business Office: 
255 Horton Street, London, Ontario

Mine 101 – Social Enterprise
Upcycled Unique Clothing Store
All proceeds help our children’s programs.
900 Oxford Street East, London, Ontario

Business Office

Anova: A Future Without Violence
Formerly, Women’s Community House & Sexual Assault Centre London
3rd Floor, 255 Horton Street
(Inside Goodwill Building)
London, Ontario, N6B 1L1

24-Hour Crisis & Support Line:
Toll free: 1-800-265-1576

Non-crisis/Business Inquiries:
Phone: 519-642-3003
Fax: 519-642-3002

Way to Help & Donations

If you would like to contact us for donation information, please contact:

Pamela Coray, Development Manager
519‑642‑3003 ext. 2252

Registered Charity Name:
Anova: A Future Without Violence
Registered Charity Number:

Accessing Support

Women’s Community House does not offer on-line or e-mail counselling.

If you are in crisis or seeking information about leaving an abusive relationship/safety planning, PLEASE CALL:

519-642-3000, or 1-800-265-1576 to speak with a counsellor.

We Can Help

Anova provides services and support for adults and children affected by abuse and sexual violence.

  • Two 24-Hour Emergency Shelters
  • 25-unit Second Stage rent-geared-to-income apartment building for abused women and their children
  • 24-hour Helpline
  • Family Court Support
  • Transitional Outreach
  • Counseling and Support