Distance Sexual Violence Counselling

Anova, along with Ending Violence Association of Canada and the Sexual Assault Centre of Kingston, has developed a resource for sexual violence counsellors that summarizes promising practices from the academic research field on delivering distance counselling to survivors*. Please see the report here or the highlights in the infographic below.

In order to build a set of national best practices for distance sexual violence counselling, we are asking for help. We need sexual violence counsellors to share their experience and knowledge of offering distance counselling this past year by participating in the survey below. Participating in this survey is a unique opportunity to contribute to knowledge sharing and to champion the expertise and lessons learned by sexual violence staff and volunteers during the pandemic. We will keep all responses anonymous and confidential, and will produce a guiding Best Practices for Sexual Violence Distance Counselling report and webinar in Fall 2021.

The survey should take 15 minutes. Multiple staff from a single agency are welcome to participate. To participate, click HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact AnnaLise Trudell at


* This study was supported by a larger project, “Going the Distance,” which seeks to examine and improve health equity with trauma-informed distance counselling. Going the Distance is a 5 year project developed and run by Sexual Assault Centre Kingston(SACK) and is funded by Women and Gender Equity Canada (WAGE).