Emergency Shelter

Our universally accessible Wellington Road and Clarke Road facilities are high security, never close and provide emergency and short term shelter, free of charge, to women* and their children who have experienced gender-based violence.

They are located at:

101 Wellington Road, London
450 Clarke Road, London

If you need assistance getting to one of our shelters, please call our Crisis & Support Line at 519-642-3000

*female identified only

Pets Paw icon

Anova is striving for a future without violence. We recognize that in order to better support the women and children served in shelter, we also need to support their pets as part of their family unit.

Anova is currently examining our practices and spaces and working towards a plan to support families that need to access shelter space with their pets. We hope to have some updates in late 2019.  We would like to thank our partners assisting us in our efforts:  PetSmart Charities Canada, PAWS (People’s Animal Welfare Society) and EVAH (East Village Animal Hospital).

In the meantime, if you suspect someone in your life is being abused, and they have a pet, please offer to care for that pet while they seek help. This simple act can save human and animal lives.

For a database of shelters with pet programs please visit: