Anova launches

Anova launches

While we may not realize it and it’s hard to think about, sexual violence is something that is all around us and it’s happening to people we know, work with and care about. It happens in all sorts of spaces – private and public – every day, across London. And for those who experience it, deciding if, when and who to talk to about it, is a complex thing.

And that’s okay.

Not every survivor is comfortable with or ready to report an incident of sexual violence to formal systems or authority figures, like the police. As a survivor, we take as a core truth that it’s always your choice to tell your story – or not to.

But your voice and your experience matter. Even if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your story – to family, friends, institutions, employers or others – it’s important to know that there’s now an option that can make real change.

By anonymously sharing your experience, you can help make our community safer for yourself and others.

The platform has been specifically designed to provide a safe method for survivors to report experiences of sexual violence – without having to talk to the police, describe what happened in detail, or even give your name.

When you share what happened and where, the community can make change. Led by Anova, London’s gender-based violence shelter and sexual assault centre, is supported by a community action committee that monitors the data, observes trends, and works to hold organizations accountable for ensuring safer spaces.

Because safer spaces don’t just happen – they’re created. Through community accountability, respect, care and action.

When you map your experience, you can contribute to a safer future for us all.