Statement on Gaza

Statement on Gaza

After much reflection, we believe that it is critical to speak up about what is happening in Gaza and the impact we are seeing locally. We want to ensure that all London-Middlesex survivors know that their sexual assault centre and Violence Against Women shelter sees their trauma and understands how it can impact their healing journey.

We are appalled at the violence inflicted by Hamas in Israel and support the Jewish community as they mourn those who died and those who continue to be impacted, including those still held hostage. We are also deeply concerned about the increasing rise in anti-Semitism that the Jewish community is experiencing nationally.  The subsequent actions taken against innocent civilians in Gaza however, leave us horrified.

The increase in Islamophobia that is happening in our community, and the recent report of increased Islamophobia in Ontario Violence Against Women shelters as shared by Nisa Homes on December 17th, 2023, is unacceptable.  It is our duty as a gender-based violence organization to make sure that all survivors– including Muslim survivors– feel safe in our spaces and programs. We invite other Violence Against Women shelters and sexual assault centres to join us and consider how we can all increase safety and understanding of Islamophobia and actively take steps to address it.

Anova is grateful to partners like the Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration and for Nisa Homes, who not only support their communities, but help us be better for all survivors.

At Anova, we want our community and all survivors to know you will be welcomed and you will be believed.