Anova Announces Faranak Aeeni as Residential Program Manager (Wellington Road Shelter)

Anova Announces Faranak Aeeni as Residential Program Manager (Wellington Road Shelter)

November 16, 2023

Anova Announces Faranak Aeeni as Residential Program Manager (Wellington Shelter)

Anova is committed to acting on the front lines of response for survivors of gender-based violence, and every day, women and their children find safety and hope at the organization’s universally accessible, high-security shelters. This important work continues today with even more experience added to the team following the appointment of Faranak Aeeni as the Manager of Residential Programs for the Wellington Shelter.

‘I am happy to welcome Faranak Aeeni to her new position as Manager, Residential Programs at our Wellington Shelter,’ Jessie Rodger, Executive Director shared. ‘Faranak’s extensive and deep understanding of gender-based violence and her commitment to the work will be felt throughout our entire organization. We are so thrilled to see this position filled by someone who is so dedicated and thoughtful.’

Faranak’s new position at Anova began on November 6th 2023. “I have been working in this agency for years and I have never seen anyone more passionate and dedicated than the group of women who come to work every single day and night to fight for what is right,” shares Faranak. She is excited to continue supporting the front-line workers who do advocacy for abused women and their children. She notes “I am so proud of each and every one of them.”  Anova’s Wellington Shelter is a space for women-identified individuals, and their children to find safety and support. Aeeni will provide support to our front-line service delivery team and will be an important part of the leadership team at Anova.

About Anova

Anova is the largest shelter and sexual assault centre in Ontario serving and supporting thousands of survivors every year. With expert staff opening the door and answering the call through shelter, support, advocacy and education. Anova helps to ensure women, their children and all survivors of gender-based violence today and tomorrow find a new start by delivering much needed services and advocating for systems change.

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