Black History Month


Black Experiences of GBV

We cannot meaningfully address gender-based violence without understanding the contexts of racism, colonialism, and white supremacy in Canada.  Black women and gender nonconforming folks experience higher rates of sexual assault and intimate partner violence, as well as higher rates of criminalization for crimes perpetrated against them.


Kimberlé Crenshaw first wrote about intersectionality more than three decades ago, as a way of understanding how people with multiple marginalized identities experience oppression that is more than just the sum of their parts. We cannot address racial violence as separate from gender-based violence, because the GBV that racialized folks experience is both/and rather than either/or.


Moya Bailey coined the term “Misogynoir” to describe the particular experience of misogyny that cis and trans black women face. It’s not just racism + sexism, it’s the ways that those two systems reinforce each other– especially in pop culture.  Transmisogynoir refers to the intersection of transmisogyny and misogynoir: the oppression and violence against black trans women.