Male Survivors

While women-identified individuals experience higher rates of sexual and domestic violence, men have these experiences as well.


13.3% of men are estimated to have experienced some type of noncontact unwanted sexual experience during their lifetime11

Additional information on men’s experiences of domestic and sexual violence is difficult to find as research suggests that men are less likely to seek support after an experience of violence. One reasoning for this could be the way Canadian culture defines masculinity is all too often based on a hyper-masculine ideal that favors physical and sexual dominance over women and other men as valuable and emotional vulnerability as feminizing and therefore negative. These limitations create a culture where men are unable to access the full spectrum of emotions, acknowledge the harm that has been done to them and reach out when needing support.

At this time, Anova is unable to provide shelter or counselling support to male-identified survivors due to lack of funding and resources, which is an undeniable barrier to survivors wanting support and healing. Our 24/7 crisis & support line (519-642-3000) is available for all genders to talk and get support regarding an experience of gender-based violence.

If you are male-identified and are looking for support related to an experience of gender-based violence, here are some London-based community supports: