Podcast – Pride Miniseries


July is Pride in London! Pieces of Pride is a special mini season of our Peace by Piece podcast where we’ll be talking about who is included in Pride, who gets left out, and why. Whose identities are made palatable by mainstream narratives, and whose are excluded, disparaged, or just plain ignored?

This first episode is a conversation between host AnnaLise and her wife, Holly. They discuss how we’ve had marriage equality for almost two decades now, have by many measures achieved gay inclusion, and how when people think of gay folks now, they think of AnnaLise and Holly’s life: two white women, married with a kid and a house and dog and porch to sip wine on. They discuss how this is homonormativity, and how even though they encounter issues and exclusion, even though the world is still not built for them, they are the goal of so much of Pride organizing. But there are so many other ways of queer living and queer loving that are not palatable to mainstream, that are not understood or recognized. Ways of queer being for which there is no straight counterpart, no direct translation. These will be the focus of the following 3 episodes this month. Stay tuned!

Have you ever wondered about polyamory? In this episode I chat with Jacob about polyamory and the abundance of love that is possible when we step off the relationship escalator and build intentional relationships with respect, openness, and lots of communication.

Contrary to popular belief, the A in LGBTQIA+ does not stand for ally. In our hyper-sexualized world that puts romance on a pedestal, asexuality and aromanticism are frequently forgotten and misunderstood. Join us as we chat with Heidi about queerplatonic relationships, couple’s privilege, and the challenges and joys of being aro/ace.

BDSM can be so much more than what you do in the bedroom. Kink can be playful, supportive, intimate, liberating, and community-based. Our Host AnnaLise talks to Mx Eve and Dreamy about the expansiveness of kink and its connection to queerness and queer spaces.