Community of Peace

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Have you ever been curious about how gender and violence appear in workplaces? Do you agree that we all have a role to play to prevent violence, create inclusive workplaces and support survivors when it happens? Do you want to rumble with some new thinking and build some new skills to be part of this change? Join the Community of Peace!

Anova’s podcast, Peace by Piece, is a bi-weekly show hosted by Dr. AnnaLise Trudell. In this podcast, we have meaningful and educational conversations with experts and innovators about what makes a world without violence. Season Two encompasses a workplace curriculum to help workplaces who join the Community of Peace understand gender-based violence from an intersectional, trauma-informed lens. Podcasts are unique storytelling mediums for enhanced comprehension and better engagement. Every other week, Anova will release an episode and discussion questions. All you need to do is listen and create moments for reflection and conversation.

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