Workshops & Training

In order to achieve our vision of an inclusive world of shared power where everyone lives freely without fear of violence, Anova provides workshops and trainings aimed at challenging the patterns that result in gender-based violence and inequality. We define gender-based violence as any form of violence impacts a particular gender identity disproportionately, or which is directed at someone because of their gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality.

Some of our most popular workshops and trainings include:
•  Understanding Gender-Based Violence
•  Consent Comes First: Consent 101
•  Red Flag, Green Flag: Building Healthy Relationships
•  Trauma-Informed Care: Gender-Based Violence Perspective
•  Handling Disclosures of Sexual Violence
•  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
•  See Something, Say Something: Bystander Intervention How-To
•  Boss of My Own Body: Teaching Consent and Boundaries to Children & Youth
•  Allyship and Violence Against the Rainbow Community
•  Let’s Talk about Sex: Sex Positivity, Pornography and Sex Work

We can be scheduled any day of the week for schools, post secondary institutions, workplaces, and community groups. All presentations, content and activities are adapted for the specific demographics of the audience (for example, with a group of elementary school students we would discuss healthy boundaries with friends vs. discussing consensual sexual relationships with post-secondary students). Additional workshop and training topics are available and can be created collaboratively with our education department.

If you are interested in booking one of our workshops or trainings, or would like more information please email